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Corporate Goals and Objectives   Corporate Goals and Objectives
Fifteen Minutes Makes the Difference   Fifteen Minutes Makes the Difference
Time Management Dilemma   Time Management Dilemma
Time Management Dilemma   Maximum Productivity with Minimum Manpower   :-)
Time Management Dilemma   Does Less Work produce More Results?  Does Less Work produce More Results?
Seven Selling Concepts for Top Sales Results   Seven Selling Concepts for Top Sales Results
Help the prospect Make a Decision!   Help the prospect Make a Decision!
Compensation for NEW salesperson   Compensation for NEW salesperson
Will you STOP THINKING and do as your told?   Will you STOP THINKING and do as your told?
Accurate Thinking - The Mental Map   Accurate Thinking - The Mental Map
Reality and Truth   Reality and Truth
Personal Responsibility   Personal Responsibility
Your ATTITUDE   What exactly, specifically, precisely is an ATTITUDE?
Ennobling Purpose   Ennobling Purpose
3D demonstration   STRESS Reduction   :-)
3D demonstration   MOTIVATIONAL posters   :-)
Introducing Ken Daugherty   Introducing Ken Daugherty - Discover Your Potential
The History of Ken - Satiation   The History of Ken Daugherty - Satiation
Programming the Human Brain with Goals   Programming the Human Brain with Goals - Early public speaking days
Professional Mastery   Professional Mastery - Ken Daugherty's early public speaking days

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