Estrogen "Masking" Study Requested

In the last 25 or 30 years the false negative mammogram rate in biopsy proven breast carcinoma has remained at 10 to 15%. I believe I know the reason for this. However a study of a large number of mammograms is necessary to prove or disprove the theory.

I am looking for a radiology group willing to undertake a study. Details will be supplied to any group interested in such a study.

Many lawsuits have been lost or settled for failure to diagnose a breast cancer. My findings clearly show that estrogens have the ability to "mask" cancer to the point that cancerous tissue feels like normal breast tissue and mammograms fail to show any abnormality. In many cases the physician did nothing wrong but still had an indefensible case.

My patient studies of estrogen masking are too small to be convincing and a study of one to ten thousand women is essential to prove or disprove my findings. Any group willing to undertake such a study would be most welcome to the findings of my nineteen-year investigation.

Estrogens MASK Breast Cancer !

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