What is the effect of estrogen medication on breast cancer? Does it...

  1. Stimulate the growth?
  2. Mask findings so that no mass is felt?
  3. Suppress growth and relieves some pain resulting from metastases?

Apparently most people, including those in the medical profession, believe that estrogen stimulates the growth of breast cancer.  I believe that #'s 2 and 3 above more accurately describe the true effects of estrogen on breast carcinoma.

I first observed the masking effect of estrogen on breast carcinoma in a patient in 1968 see case report #1. Following this first case, I have observed about eighteen other cases of estrogen "masking". Case number 3 documents that estrogen provided palliative treatment of advanced breast metastases that no longer responded to conventional forms of treatment. (See Estrace, Bristol Myers Squibb Co. and Ogen, Upjohn Co.; Physicians Desk Reference.)

Theories # 1 and #3 above appear to be contradictions. It is difficult to understand how estrogen may stimulate the growth of breast cancer but can also suppress the growth in advanced metastatic disease. Certainly more study is necessary to clarify this apparent conflict.

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