For over 15 years, I have tried to interest someone in doing or sponsoring a medical study to prove or disprove my theory and findings. A study of at least a thousand women should be undertaken. Only women taking hormones would be in the study. I believe at least 65% should be post menopausal women on hormone replacement therapy and up to 35% should be women on birth control pills. An examination of the breasts and mammograms, as indicated, should be done. The hormones should then be discontinued and the patients should be reexamined one month later with breast exams and mammograms. If my conclusions are correct, several breast malignancies will be found at the time of the second examination. I would encourage noting ANY difference in the two examinations, done a month apart, and recommend that some form of biopsy be done on any area that differed between the two exams. For those women who had totally negative exams, hormone therapy could be re-instituted. I favor the use of hormones as birth control or post menopausally for symptoms or for the treatment of osteoporosis,etc. Fear of "masking" should be no reason to withhold hormones where indicated. I hope someone will pursue this suggested investigation. Just correcting the 10% plus of false negative mammograms should make this study worthwhile.

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