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Dear Dr. Burdette ... 

               Sorry, but I don't fully understand the implications of what you are saying.
               Straightforward ... you are saying that you don't think estrogen CAUSES breast
               cancer, but merely covers it up so that it lies within the breast undetectable (because of
               the estrogen). Is that right? Are you also saying that estrogen has no actual
               CAUSATIVE, nor PREVENTATIVE effect ... but acts PURELY to mask? And,
               does this then imply that estrogen can serve to impede EARLY detection? 

               Can I ask, also ... what does all of this say of a drug like Tamoxifen? In your opinion?
               Does something like Tamoxifen indeed WARD OFF breast cancer, or is it merely
               another MASK? Can Tamoxifen, as well, get in the way of earlier detection? 

               Thank you!! 



I would like to add something on all of this. I had my mammogram just last week and
               after it is done, the radiologist goes over it and compares it to last year. Well, he told
               me just recently one of his patients at 91 was found to have breast cancer and they
               didnt know what to do with her being she couldnt go through the operation or chem so
               all they did was put her on tamoxifen and later the results were amazing as the tumor
               could not even could be found and the doctor told me it was a rather large tumor that
               showed on her mammogram. I felt hope from all of this as I have been taking tamoxifen
               for over 2 years now.and I often wondered about the effects of it all. I thought a good
               time to share this story.



Pauline - 

               Excellent time to share this story! This is exactly why Tamoxifen is heralded in its use
               against breast cancer and definitely what we're all hoping for in using it. 

               I know that the success rates for treating post-menopausal (and certainly 91 is
               post-menopausal!) are excellent. That was very nice to hear - comforting and
               reassuring, too. 



Hey, I don't get this. How come then, that my BC was Estrogen and Progesterone
               Receptor Positive!!!!!!! If Estrogen didn't feed it - what did. And why put us on
               Tamoxifen to stop the estrogen that we produce from working in our bodies. This is
               bloody confusing. Its frustrating, its a bitch. 

               Is the Doctor talking about women who have been on ERT or HRT who have
               developed BC, or are those of us who were pre-menopausal at diagnosis, put through
               an earlier and hasty menopaus - for what ?? 

               I wish God will give us the answers.

Ann -


Ann - 

               Agree. It does get confusing. But if you go back and re-read it I think you'll see that it
               clearly has to do with the use of hormone replacement therapy which is in direct
               opposition to the use of Tamoxifen. 

               I don't really think what he's talking about has much to do with those of us who already
               had our breast cancer detected and were found to be estrogen positive. Most of us
               who were estrogen positive were not using HRT and most who use HRT know that
               they have to be on the look-out for changes in their bodies regardless of what the
               medical community might be saying about HRT's low incidence of causing breast
               cancer. (In essence, I think what he's saying is that if you are on HRT, which we're not!
               - the use of HRT (estrogen) could be masking cancerous growths when you have your
               mammograms done.) 

               Don't see that it applies to many on this forum. Worthwhile for people on hormone
               replacement therapy, though. At times like these it's worthwhile to remember that
               Tamoxifen has a very successful history of inhibiting cancerous growths in any
               remaining breast tissue. That's where it scores most of its high marks! 


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