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We custom design and host complete Internet Web Sites. Why do I say complete? We go out of our way to provide all four of the ingredients necessary for a successful Web Site.

The Ingredients for a successful Web Site:

  1. Content - You can have the best graphics, spectacular animations, super colossal sound, and the latest Java special effects... However, if your customer's browser doesn't support all the latest gizmos on your site... Whatís the point? We ran a study on our site determining the actual browser that folks were using to view our pages. We discovered a significant number of people are still using older browsers that don't support the new razzle dazzle multimedia stuff. We then realized that 50% of the content on our very elaborate Web Sites could not even be seen! We made changes in the content and our clients' results improved dramatically!
  2. Presentation - When expressing ideas on a Web Page it is important to remember people and search engine robots will be "reading" it. Ideas must be presented in a way that keeps the viewers interest and at the same time, is searchable. If potential customers can't even find your web site, they can't enjoy your content presentation and as a web site owner, you will not get the results you paid for!
  3. Promotion - Constantly keeping the word out about your Web Site is critical for sustained success. A well thought out and implemented Web Site promotion plan is a vital component for success.
  4. Management - Your search engine listings for a selected Web Page and keyword combination can change dramatically from week to week as engines re-index their databases, new sites are launched and competitors re-work their pages to improve their own listings. It is very important to monitor how this constant change effects your ranking so you can take action and stay ahead of your competition.

I believe a site isn't complete unless it includes Web Pages that are viewable by your clients and customers browser and searchable by the most popular search engines. It is also not complete unless the pages are properly registered with those search systems and the results evaluated and monitored! All this is necessary so your Web Site continues to show up in the search results and you get more clients!

When we build a site, everything is included! We design a turnkey complete web package for as low as $250 per year! (Thatís only $20.83 per month) Just for the heck of it... contact us today. There is no obligation whatsoever!

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