Marketing and The World Wide Web!

It's possible to endlessly debate the essence of Marketing. We can invest hours or days identifying the precise, exact, technically correct definition of marketing but... I've learned NOT to get bogged down with the technicalities! All most business people want to do with their marketing effort is identify, and find, genuine qualified clients or customers that honestly need or want their products or services.


Marketing - The art /science of identifying and finding genuine clients or customers that legitimately want or need our products or services.

Components of marketing include questions such as:

  • Who is your market? Can you specifically describe?
  • Where is your market? Precisely where?
  • How can you capture a larger share of your market? What exact percentage do you have now?

Client - Usually a more personal relationship exists between the company and individual.

Customer - In most cases, a personal company/individual relationship has not been established.


  • How can the Internet and the World Wide Web help your business?
  • Is the Web a good Marketing Tool? Will it help build your customer base?
  • Should your business be on the Internet and have a Web Site?

Is your company a good candidate for a Web Site? I suspect the answer for practically any business, regarding the establishment of a Web Site, is yes! On the other hand, I also believe the only way to find out for certain, is to create a Web Site for your business, tell lots of people about it, and measure the results.

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By looking at the outstanding growth of the Internet in the last two years, and with the high level of education and income enjoyed by the overwhelming majority of Internet participants, the Internet and the World Wide Web very likely represent the ultimate opportunity for business growth, now and in the future!

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