Let me introduce Mr. Ken Daugherty...
Photograph of Ken Daugherty Kenís early background was in orbital mechanics, physics, and electronics. He was involved with the moon landing project in the 60ís and was also a part of our nuclear defense program as a civilian, working with the Air Force, calibrating and programming the inertial guidance system for the Minuteman Missile program. In late 1969, Ken joined a small group of people who grew to become our nationís largest hematology electronics manufacturer. Ken retired in 1984 to form his own company...Leadership Management Development Center, Inc.... committing himself to developing and maintaining the highest standards of leadership and management skills for individuals and corporations.

During the past several years Ken Daugherty has been the success counselor to approximately 200 corporations. Assisting their CEOs, as well as the executives and managers, in defining, developing, and implementing a workable plan for the accomplishment of specific and measurable goals and objectives. Ken Daugherty has the unique ability of identifying and sharpening managers' skills. He helps them internalize new and innovative motivational methods, goal setting techniques, delegation techniques, and communication skills. Ken can also help new supervisors and managers learn the appropriate use of authority and handling of grievances. The best quality I like about Ken is that he draws solutions from real life experiences... not just theory... he has reality based business ideas and solutions!

If you've finally decided to grow your business and inspire your people to discover, develop and use more of their potential, you should contact Ken to discuss the possibilities. Seriously, consider asking Ken to speak at your next Business Development Conference. He will light a fire inside your heart you may not have known existed!

John Hastie
Director of Business Development
Physicians Protective Trust Fund

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