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Guitars and Music Instruments by Mar-Paul

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guitar #0001
Epiphone - Chet Atkins

Brand New - Your Price: $500

guitar #0003
l983 Black Les Paul Custom

Brand new condition and plays better than any guitar I 've played. w/case $4,500.00

REDUCED TO $1500 !!

guitar #0006
Chet Atkins Country Gentleman

8 Years old, and in Like New Condition!
This quality guitar was purchased new for $4,339.00 w/case

REDUCED TO $2200 !!

guitar #0009
Made by Mar-Paul

Mahogany and Maple Neck - You can play to the 2nd E easily SER.10001 - was $l,500.00

REDUCED TO $400 !!

guitar #0011
Chet Atkins Tennessan

Used w/case Orange and Red color Ser,#926954444 New $3,500.00

REDUCED TO $1600 !!

guitar #0012
Fender Telecaster

$900 W/Case

guitar #0013
Black Jap. Stratocaster

Excellent condition Designed in USA and assembled in Japan Ser.#E521923

Retail $650

REDUCED TO $250 with case!!

guitar #0014
Brand New - J. B. Player Stratocaster

Copy - Black - Retail $500 W/Case

Your Price: $350

guitar #0015
Series 2 - Red Stratocaster

Used - Copy - Retail $365 W/Case

Your Price: $185

We also have Gibson, Fender, Epiphone, Jackson, Paul Reed Smith, Parker.

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